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Mr D. Lennon

Head Teacher and BSAT Team Leader


Keep up to date with my blog as I try to keep you all informed of the fantastic work within The Linden Centre and Education.


First week back 


What a fantastic week it has been!

On Thursday, all colleagues received their fire evacuation, fire extinguisher and fire marshal training followed by an afternoon recapturing the vision for The Linden Centre and how we run the day to day systems. 

We welcomed some new support colleagues and said goodbye to some others including Miss Chandel, Mrs Fullerton and Mrs Cornaby. 


On Friday, children were FANTASTIC! They arrived in smart new uniform and completed their assessments followed by class based activities as part of the transition. 


I hope that you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to next week as all lessons resume :)


Mr L

Email to parents - 1st September 2021


Dear Parent/Carer(s),

We hope that you have had a lovely Summer break.

Please see attached term dates 2021-22 for The Linden Centre.

Please note that children return this Friday 3rd September 2021.


A few other points

1. Transport

As discussed previously, there has been a borough wide change to transport.

Children on roll with a mainstream school, it is between school and parents to organise transport.

Children at Specialist (EHCP) – Parents must apply to SEND transport as The Linden Centre do not arrange taxi’s with regards to pupils in a specialist setting.

Children PEX – Children over 3 miles from school can apply for a bus pass. Any child over 5 miles will be eligible for a shared taxi.

2. Contact for school

All telephone calls will now be made to our central telephone number (01952 385601) these will then be redirected when needed.


3. Absence

Parents must notify the school to inform of any absence. Absences will not be authorised and these are monitored by Telford and Wrekin Local Authority. Please help us to keep our attendance as close to 100% as possible by supporting your child to attend daily.


We are really excited for another year and cannot wait to welcome all children back on Friday. We know that Friday is an odd day to return however it is important that all students return as we are using this day to help with assessments and transition for the new classes.


Please remember full uniform to include Black school shoes (must be shoes), Black trousers / Black Skirt (with tights), White Polo T-Shirt, Plan Black or school Black Sweatshirt.

**Please note that hoody’s and trainers are not permitted and parents will be contacted to bring correct school uniform into school on the day**.


This year, pupils in primary may bring along a school PE Kit (White t-shirt and black shorts / trainers) and this can be left in school and returned each half term for washing. This will replace wearing PE kit on Wednesdays.

In Secondary, pupils will be informed of PE days and when to wear PE attire.


In addition to these items, please ensure that your child has a clearly labelled water bottle and pencil case.


Kind regards,

Mr Lennon

24th July 2021


What a busy week already. You wouldn't think it had been a week!

Colleagues were busy on Professional Development on Monday - Wednesday. 


Monday 19th July was spent refreshing our MAPA training with our BSAT colleagues and finishing off tasks for the remainder of our day. All parents should have received an emailed version of the school report in addition to the paper copy and all schools and pupils should have received their Plans 1,2 or 3 dependant on the stay of each child through their assessments. 


Tuesday was our school away day were all colleagues worked across phases to complete a number of team building tasks. It was lovely to see everyone enjoy themselves and try new things including rifle shooting, axe throwing, climbing walls and bush-craft. 

Wednesday was spent moving all of our classrooms around and getting the centres ready for next academic year. Hopefully you will see the difference on return as we have painted some areas and moved classrooms around. 

We hope you have had a lovely first week and look forward to your return in September. 


Kind regards,

Mr L :) 

Friday 16th July 2021 


Dear Parent/Carer(s),

I would like to personally thank you for such a fantastic year.


As you will be aware, we have now broken up for the academic year and I am sure that students as well as colleagues are ready for the Summer break.

This year has been different on so many levels and so thank you for all of your support.

I would like to say goodbye to all of those that are leaving us over the summer. We have children returning full time to their mainstream schools, starting transitions / new schools, our Year 9’s moving on to Kickstart and our Yr 11’s moving to their next step.

It is always a sad time but I know that you will all do us proud and continue to use the skills that you have learnt with us.


Just a reminder to those remaining with us that we return on Friday 3rd September 2021.

All students that are fully on our roll will now be full time students (9:00am-2pm) as we will aim to accommodate full time hours.

Please remember that there is an expectation that all students wear full correct school uniform and this will need to be in place before September (including shoes).

Thinking ahead, we had a lot of trouble last year with transport and taxi’s and contracts. Please can I remind you that if your child is in the specialist centres, their transport will be between yourself and Telford and Wrekin SEND / Transport.


Children attending part time from a mainstream school, transport is between yourself and the mainstream school who is responsible for transport.


Only children fully on The Linden Centre roll will be able to access a taxi or bus pass through the school and this is only is your child needs to travel more than 3-5 miles. Bus passes are available to students having to walk more than 3 miles and a shared taxi option is available to students having to travel more than 5 miles on request.


Finally, I wish you all a lovely summer break. I hope that you are able to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.


Kind regards,

Mr Lennon

Monday 07th June 2021

And now we start the final six weeks that leads us to end of term. 

I hope you have all had a relaxing break and are ready to do your best over the next few weeks. 


Here are a few photos of our half term break.

1) Blackpool with my daughter, Lexi.

2) West Midlands Safari Park with Mr Ryder - who knew he had a phobia of birds... haha!




Saturday 5th June 2021

I hope that you have had a lovely week and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I just wanted to remind you of a few things for next week:

School return – we return to school on Monday 7th June 2021


Pride day – On Monday, we are celebrating ‘difference’ and acknowledging ‘Pride’ by wearing brightly coloured clothing as a non-uniform day. We are encouraging children to wear a colour from the rainbow or multicoloured bright clothes for the day and we are asking for £1 donation towards our charity for the year. Those not wanting to take part are welcome to continue in school uniform. If your child does half days with us, they are welcome to bring clothes to change into or can wear their home school uniform.


Uniform – This half term, we will have a zero tolerance on school uniform and remind you that other than Wednesday’s for PE, full school uniform should be worn. Parents/carer(s) and named contacts will be telephoned to bring uniform to the school for any child not wearing full school uniform.


Water bottles – As we reach the summer, please could you ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school with them. We encourage children to drink plenty throughout the day and this would help.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing your children as they return on Monday.

07th May 2021

What a week... We have had a very mixed week with new starters, children leaving us and new transitions starting into mainstream schools. On polling day, all Linden Centre colleagues went out across Primary and Secondary schools in Telford and Wrekin to share and observe good practice and offer our support. 

The feedback has been amazing and the whole team have come back buzzing from the hard work and commitment from our feeder schools. 

We look forward to bringing more of our learning into the centres throughout the term.

17th January 2021

I'm sat here reminiscing on the two weeks that have passed since we returned in January and what a two weeks it has been!

I am so proud of each and every pupil who is managing their remote learning from home. this is not the way we would have wanted your Spring term to be but we need everyone to be safe. 

We have loved having our SEND, Critical Workers and Vulnerable Worker children in school and this has allowed us to keep working on their targets whilst still doing online remote learning for others. 

Stay safe and we will see you all soon!

Mr L 

3rd December 2020


What a FANTASTIC day we have had! 

It was lovely to see all four centres join together at Birches Valley on Cannock Chase today.

Whilst primary sites enjoyed taking part in The Gruffalo Trail, playing with the Fairy-tale activities and getting muddy in the woods, Secondary students enjoyed den building and hot chocolate. The end the day, all centres picked their centre Christmas Tree which we then spent the afternoon decorating. 


All of the children have been FANTASTIC! 



2nd December 2020


We are all very excited to be going on our Secret Christmas trip tomorrow.

We have not yet told the children where we are going.

Please remember to make sure that all forms are returned this afternoon at the latest. Children will also need to wrap up warm :-)


Mr L

Friday 2nd October 2020

Another FANTASTIC week! 

This week, I have been amazed by the learning within classrooms. We have children who have already finished a whole exercise book and are already started on their second book because of how hard they are working. 

I am pleased to see that 'Lennon's Linden Loot' is working well and that some children are saving their 'loot' for a bigger reward whereas others are using the immediate purchases to support their need for gratification. 

Keep trying hard and earning more Lennon's Linden Loot. 

We have revised the kiosk amounts - these will be shared with all students in assembly this week. 

Sunday 20th September 2020



Good morning all, 

You would have heard from the news that our PM is suggesting we are heading towards a second wave. 

I would like to reassure you all that we have been working hard towards our recovery plan and our risk management towards another lock-down.


Staff have been working hard to assess gaps in learning from the previous lock-down and we have supported children within their classes by having two transition days in September which enabled the classes to grow together and learn more about their new teachers and peers. This also allowed for us to complete a range of assessments to better support gaps and plan for bridging gaps. 


Please help us by reminding your children of the ways they can keep themselves safe: 

- Wash (and or sanitise) hands before leaving home in a morning 

- Socially distance whilst waiting outside of the school with parents 

- Wash (and or sanitise) hands upon entering school 

- Children may wish to use a mask in school 

- Windows and doors will be open for full ventilation 

- Children will be encouraged to wash hands regularly (after each lesson) 

- Children will remain as a bubble within the setting and therefore each centre will be one full bubble (to allow for staff to work across the centre)

- Children should bring a water bottle into school which should remain in school, be washed daily and filled for children the following day

- Parents should wear a mask when collecting or dropping children to/from school 

- Staff may choose to wear face coverings and or visors 


Should we heard towards another lock down, we have sourced I-XL as an online platform of learning for each child. You should familiarise yourself with your child's log-on in preparation for this. This can also be used for extra learning at home in addition to their reading and homework. 

We are also looking into a digital learning platform which will allow for lessons to be delivered via a google classroom - more information will be sent out to parents asap. 


Thank you once again for your support 

Mr Lennon 

Friday 18th September 2020 @ 5:30pm 

Another end to a fantastic week. 

All of our staff have now completed their full MAPA training in order to support positive behaviour management and positive manual handling towards aggression. The CPI MAPA course encourages de-escalation techniques which is at the heart of what we do as a school however also allows us to keep your children and each other safe in the times of severe escalation - keeping everybody safe. 

Primary Short Stay have been busy working towards their aims and assessments including working together and in small group tasks. 

Primary Specialist have been busy working on their curriculum subjects and getting stuck into their topics such as vikings within Year 3-4. We have seen incredible work by each student and colleagues have had a lovely week of learning. 

Secondary Short Stay have been busy working on their curriculum lessons and getting fully involved in their learning. 

Secondary Specialist have had a great week - they have really embraced their full curriculum. They have really enjoyed the PE sessions, Music and Outdoor Education working together as a centre in addition to their core lessons of English, Maths and Science. Our Year 10-11's have been busy however need to keep working hard towards their revision at home to give them the best possible chances towards their learning. 


Have a lovely weekend all!

Mr L 

Friday 11th September 2020 @ 3:10pm

We are at the end of week two and I would like to send out a huge appreciation to all students, parents and colleagues as we have truly transformed our school to the 'New Normal'. All children have been FANTASTIC in their support to helping us manage this new way and keeping themselves and others safe. 

Please can I just remind all parents (as per the email sent on Monday) that children should remain outside of the building until start of school at 9am. Children must remain parent/carer(s) responsibility during this time. 

Having walked around the centre's over the last few weeks, I am really happy with the effort and work that your children are putting into their learning. We have started our new positive praise for the children and can not wait to share these with you. 

I hope that you have also noticed the positive changes with our school and look forward to continuing working with you all. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Lennon 



Thursday 3rd September 2020


Welcome back!

It has been such a strange Summer but many of us have been busy working in school, getting centres freshly decorated and ready for learners.

We can not wait to see you all again tomorrow. The teams have been learning lots during our Inset about Emotion Coaching, Behaviour as Communication and methods of de-escalation and so we are ready to support you all. 

You will notice changes to the teaching teams and colleagues throughout the school. We welcome many new colleagues to The Linden Family and I can't wait for you to get to know them. 

See you around the schools.

Kind regards,

Mr Lennon

Monday 20th July 2020

So, we have all completed Autism Education Trust (AET) training today followed by a meeting about our Special Educational Needs support as a school preparing for next year. 

We are all looking forward to the well deserved break and so I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the members of The Linden Team for their support over the year. The Linden Centre would not be as successful as it is without you! 

We are also waving goodbye to Mrs Byrne as she leaves us to have a baby. Enjoy your maternity and we look forward to seeing you back with us soon. We wish you all of our love throughout the next year - remember where we are :-) 


Well, that is it - See you next term. 

Over and out 

Mr L :-) 




Friday 17th July 2020

Well, there goes another school year - and what a year is has been. 

I am sat here thinking about the year we have all been through and how many young people we have supported through our Linden Centres and BSAT Team throughout Telford and Wrekin. I am really proud of the progress made by each and every student.

As a staff team, we are absolutely gutted that we have not been able to say a Linden Goodbye to all of those leaving us but we know you will be back to see us as you progress through your next stage. 

Please remain safe over the Summer holidays and we look forward to welcoming all returning students back to school on Thursday 3rd September 2020 in your new school uniforms. 


Have a lovely holiday!


Mr Lennon and The Linden Team :-) 

09th July 2020


End of year reports have been sent out to parents. Please read your child's report and share it with them also. We have included targets for students to continue to work on and provided attendance and academic information.

We are very proud of each and every single one of you! Your reports have shown the progress that you have made.

Well done!


Mr L

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Well, Who knew that today is 'World Chocolate Day' or even that Chocolate day is even a thing?

Luckily today, Mrs Hollands jumped to the rescue with a packet of Maltesers, Minstrels and Dairy Milk Buttons.


We have all been working really hard today preparing to welcome back our Secondary pupils continuing with us next year and so the chocolate has helped provide that extra energy.


All Teachers and Teaching Assistants have found out which centre and class they will be teaching next year and I look forward to sharing this news with you all.

We understand that transition this year will seem a bit strange but we will support this by 'Virtual Transitions' and spending the first two days in September as a class to welcome you to the school.

I hope you are all okay still and managing to keep on top of I-XL.

See you all soon.

Mr L

Friday 3rd July 2020 @ 4:20pm

Where did that Summer term go?

Well, I'm sat here today looking back over the term since I took on the role of Headteacher. I've sat in silence for a good 20 minutes just reflecting over the changes over the past six months and looking at how far we have gone.

We started January with three provisions, each of them could easily have been filled up with young people requesting places to support their assessments and requiring an iintervention placement.

With the support of BSAT joining The Linden Centre team, we have been able to support even more transitions and this has now opened spaces up for more students.

We have developed our latest provision, provisionally named 'The Hub' but now known as Linden Secondary Specialist School and the curriculum across the Assessment and Intervention Centres and Specialist Schools have been changed to reflect the full National Curriculum.


Whilst we have had many changes this term, it has been a very difficult term with Coronavirus and not allowing us to support all learners as we would have previously. This has been made even harder with our students transitioning to new placements for September.

Colleagues have been busy preparing end of year reports and planning for the new curriculum.  

I hope that you are all staying safe and I look forward to seeing as many of you back as we can.

Tuesday 24th March 2020 @ 2:21pm

Well, we have just finished our first day as a 'closed school' only open to those with EHCPs and Vulnerable Children.

I would like to thank each member of the team for their committment to each centre. Supporting with learning and childcare in addition to making school lunches and delivering them across Telford and Wrekin to those who benefit from free school meals.

It has been so quiet today!

Please believe me when we say that we are not enjoying this, we would love to have each of you back in school right now. We truly miss you and can not comprehend how the next few weeks/months will look.

Whilst you are not in school, please remember that we will be making contact with you via telephone and you can access teachers in school via teams, skype or telephone should you need any further support.

Keep using I-XL, this will help you and we will make sure you have enough work set to complete.

See you all soon and stay safe!

Mr L and the team


Wednesday 1st January 2020 @ 12:10pm

Hello to all pupils, parent/carer(s) and all stakeholders,

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy new Year.

For me, I saw in the new year surrounded by my family and friends (at a silent disco) and I couldn't wait for the clock to strike midnight, as this was the time that I officially took over as Headteacher of The Linden Centres.

I can't wait to get started and to see you all.

Have a fantastic few days and I'll get around to see you all soon.


Kind regards,

Mr Lennon