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Equalities and Additional Information

Equalities and Additional Information


The Linden Centre is committed to inclusion and equality in all aspects of school life. This is important both in and outside the classroom as well as in a wider sense with the recruitment of staff and equality of opportunity for all.

The Linden Centre has received external accreditation including being nominated for the ARC National Award to support our work in this important arena.

We strive to provide a safe environment where each person feels welcome, but also understands how to report concerns and knows that they are listened to and acted upon.

We want to encourage learning about different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures to promote understanding and tolerance.

The Linden Centre has also contributed to a local authority wide priority of 'Belonging' to provide education and support for Telford child in Telford & Wrekin. 

Our Equality Policy can be found below and our three-year cycle of Equality Objectives can be downloaded below.