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Our partnership with Parents / Carers is very important to us. We work in partnership with you to achieve the best and most positive outcomes for all our children. 

Parents and carers have a number of ways to communicate with school: 

  • Through the website 

  • Each pupil has a home/school diary, in which you can send in messages to school and staff will use to send home messages

  • Call us on the telephone - 01952 385601

  • Email us Linden.Centre@taw.org.uk

  • By post

  • Visit our school at our celebration events

  • Make an appointment for a face to face consultation

If you would like a paper copy of any of the information contained within this website, please contact the school office and this will be arranged for you.

Free School Meals (Covid Winter Scheme) 

Good Morning


Following a number of queries regarding the Free School Meal voucher from schools we wanted to remind you of the information to help you assist parents, which was previously shared on the Education Noticeboard.


All vouchers have been sent by email a week ago today, the only exceptions being the ones that have come directly to the school.


If parents have not received a voucher for a child that they have applied for FSM for can they please be directed to email the winterfunding.grant@telford.gov.uk  giving their name, the child/children’s names they haven’t had the voucher for and the home address – we can re issue but only to the email address provided by the school as a contact.


If the family have not applied for free school meals and the child receives them under the universal Free School Meal offer, where by all reception and year one students get a hot meal each day, they will need to head to www.telford.gov.uk/FSM and make an online application. Eligibility can be checked and if they qualify we will be notified and can issue the voucher.


If you have any queries from parents with problems redeeming the voucher this is the number they will need to contact – I hope this is helpful


Telephone: 0344 693 9901

Website: visit the Select Your Reward website to complete the online form.


We hope this is useful


Liz Smith

SDM School Performance and Development


Email to parents on 17/12/2020 re. INSET 


Dear Parent/Carer(s),


Please note that there has been a change to our term dates and pupils will return on Monday 4th January 2021.

We have taken the decision to delay the INSET day planned for 4th January until later in the year (20th July 2021).


Kind regards,

Mr Lennon


Telford & Wrekin Council have had a special video produced for the children of Telford and Wrekin. It’s a message from Santa himself and we have been asked to share this with parents.

You can view the video on YouTube here https://youtu.be/fgtCkyIcpIk

Or download the file via We Transfer here https://we.tl/t-RUvjxjlr34  

We hope this brings some joy to those who see it. Please share with everyone you can.

Kind regards,

Mr Lennon

Email to Secondary parent/carer(s) re Remote Learning 16/12/2020


Dear Parent/Carer(s),


As per Covid-19 procedures, children will be taught over Microsoft TEAMS by their teachers and teaching assistants. We are currently setting up the TEAMS lessons and children will be invited to them via their school email. They will need to access the link via email and calendar.  


As a result, please see the timetable as set out below for Thursday and Friday:


English 9 till 10 with Miss Hollands and Miss Blake

Maths 10 till 11 Mrs Haycock and Mrs Kelly

PSHE 11 till 12 Mrs Evans and Mr Ryder

Lunch 12-12.30pm

History 12.30 till 1.30 Mrs Lewis-Francis and Miss Williams

Careers 1.30 till 2.30 (Thurs) Emotions (Fri) 1.30 – 2.30 Mr Paskin and Mr Beeston


Please ensure your child logs on using their school Microsoft account account and go onto Microsoft TEAMS.  Each lesson will be set up on TEAMS for the child to connect to.

Once the lesson has finished, they are to log on to the next lesson.

If they make the decision not to attend, or struggle to attend, the work will be available on the Website, however attendance marks will be completed by the teacher on TEAMS.


If your child is unsure of their school email address to access TEAMS, please contact Mr Paskin

Jordan.paskin1@taw.org.uk who will be able to advise.


Please let me take this opportunity to wish you a safe, happy Christmas and New Year.


Kind regards,

Mr Lennon

Email to all parent/carer(s) on 16th December 2020



Dear Parent/Carer(s),

Some of you may be aware that we have had a staff member test positive for Covid-19 today.

I want to reassure you that as this is a member of administrative team, your children have not been contacts and therefore will not need to self isolate however our Secondary teachers and teaching assistants have been contacts and therefore in order to keep everybody safe, I have taken the decision to send all Secondary colleagues home with immediate effect to self isolate for 10 days.

This has meant the need to send children from Secondary home due to operational purposes.

With this in mind, we are looking at the way to still teach (virtually) and will be contacting secondary parents and children with our plan of action for learning for tomorrow and Friday.

Our primary colleagues are not affected by this and will continue to come in on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you all again for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Mr Lennon